Hollister solar home

Clifford Suen — Aptos, CA   
6.21 kW SunPower system with

SunPower microinverters

“I want to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciated the fine job PerryBuilt did to install my solar panel system on my home. You did quality work and worked well with other contractors building my home at the same time.
You displayed the highest levels of professionalism throughout the installation and were very thorough in explaining how the system operated, demonstrating a high level of customer service.  

I am very satisfied with this installation! Feel free to use me as a reference with future potential customers.” 

Aptos commercial solar array
Gilroy solar power pole mount
Los Gatos solar panels
Aptos solar panels ground mount

R. C. — Aptos, CA
13.86 kW SunPower solar array with
(2) Solectria 5.3 kW solar inverters

Perhaps the most attractive of the ground-mount solar installations we have built. The client wanted perfection at every level.

B. S. — Gilroy, CA
12.96 kW Mitsubishi with

Wattsun ​2-axis tracking solar array

“I was very pleased with your installation and communications. The whole effort felt more like collaboration than a sales process.”

​Solar in Santa Cruz

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T. M. — Los Gatos, CA
13kW Centrosolar on pole mount with 
(52) Enphase microinverters

“When I asked other vendors for a quote they would not touch a ground mount, until a friend harassed his supplier into giving me a bid. The PerryBuilt proposal was more detailed and less expensive than the other guy. They managed the whole tedious permit process. Bevan ran a great crew  — on time, courteous, no mess. We love our solar system and can't say enough good things about this company.” 

L. W. — Santa Cruz, CA
17.82 kW Mitsubishi solar array with
(3) Fronius 5.1 kW solar inverters

This was one of the largest residential solar systems we have ever built. The array was 200’ uphill from the house; the inverters were 200’ downhill from the house. We used 450’ of trenching from the array to the inverters.

C. S. — Hollister, CA 
9.46 kW SunPower system with

(2) SMA 5000 inverters

“The solar installers, Bevan, Ed and Chad, did a great job and we were very pleased with their manners, attitude and conduct throughout the installation.
One of the best, if not the best, group of contractors we have ever dealt with. They deserve a pat on the back and a "job well done" salute.” 

Solar Power Installations